Handmade bows

At LKM each bow is handmade with love for your little one! We offer 2 different styles shredded and classic!

🖤Classic is available as headwraps and 5in bows.

🖤Shredded is available as headwraps, bows, 4in piggies and micro piggies 2/2.5in piggies.

About our Clips/Nylons and Headwrap sizes!

🖤Alligator clip- Perfect for thin or thick hair! Our clips are well made and have "teeth" to better hold the hair, all while being super comforable for your little one!


🖤Nylon headband-  Extremely stretchy and very soft, likely to never leave an indention on your babys head! Our headbands are truly one size fits all, growing with your child throughout the years!


🖤Headwraps comin 4 sizes

Newborn 12in

Baby 14in

Toddler 16in

Kids 18in